Popular songs re-written by me. Click on the thumbnails to listen and read.
If the embed player doesn't work, click on underlined links and listen to the original lyrics on YouTube.
"Because the ring" - Legolas tries to talk some sense into Boromir.
[Original lyrics by Patti Smith, "Because the night"]
"Always" - Legolas complains about fighting in bad weather.
[Original lyrics by Bon Jovi, "Always"]
"Gandalf has the power" - Gandalf can change the world.
[Original lyrics by Patti Smith, "People have the power"]
"Hungry guys" - Long trip and too few supplies for the Fellowship.
[Original lyrics by Eric Carmen, "Hungry eyes"]
"So this is Mordor" - Frodo gets to Mordor and is not happy about it.
[Original lyrics by John Lennon, "So this is Christmas"]
"That don't impress me much" - Aragorn talks to Legolas about his self-image issues.
[Original lyrics by Shania Twain, "That don't impress me much"]
"Save the world" - What Elrond really said to the Fellowship at his council.
[Original lyrics by Michael Jackson, "Heal the world"]
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